August 5, 2021

Back to Basics: The Undergarments that I Buy Again and Again

Back to Basics: The Undergarments that I Buy Again and Again

Wednesdays.  Life always seems to fall to hell on Wednesdays.  Everything I didn’t get done last week mixes with everything I have to do this week, and by Wednesday, I am out of time to write the blog or the newsletter and do my job.  Then, I buckle down on Wednesday night (usually) and by Thursday, everything is back on track (more or less) again.

Do you ever experience this mid-week rush?  It can’t be just me.  Gosh, I hope it’s not just me. 👀

Last week, we talked about basic pieces that can fill your work wardrobe, but what about the things you wear under those clothes.  I’m still trying to find a replacement for my every day bra (I won’t buy Third Love bras after they refused to even address reports of a toxic workplace), but underwear, I have those covered.

Hanky Panky Thongs // These are my daily driver underwear.  I love the style.  I find them to be the most comfortable thong I’ve ever worn, and I like that they now make an Eco Cotton Low Rider in their signature style.  I also sleep in their lace boy shorts.  And when I’m concerned about panty line, I wear their Bare Thong.  Need plus-sizes?  They now offer inclusive sizing.

Knix Period Underwear // Knix are a game changer.  If I can’t change a tampon because a meeting ran long, I’m covered.  On that last day of my period, when I’m pretty sure you don’t need coverage, but not entirely sure, I’m covered.  When fertility treatments makes things happen downstairs that I wasn’t anticipating, I’m covered.

I like these underwear because they don’t feel heavy.  I also like that they wash up well.  Their period underwear is the best.  I like their thongs and cheeky underwear.  Don’t miss out on their other products, including incontinence underwear.

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