June 18, 2021

Happy Hour: Boozy Popsicles

Happy Hour: Boozy Popsicles

I thought a boozy frozen treat would be the perfect thing for this week.  But I’m in Montana, and it’s snowing.  In mid-June.  Every time this happens I get a little bit further away from convincing my husband to move for my job.  Because he can tolerate a lot of things, but snow in June is a stretch.

But hey, maybe it’s warm enough where you live for a poolside or beach-bound cocktail on a stick or in a push pop.  So let’s talk about them anyway.

These Coconut Rum Pineapple Popsicles are the thing that summertime dreams are made of.  Or perhaps you prefer a Grapefruit Negroni Popsicle?  Or Watermelon and Tequila?

As for what kind of popsicle mold to use, I have found that these Zoku easy-release molds make the task so much simpler.  Want fun fruit shapes?  Lekue has a few trays in fruit slice and pineapple shapes.  Or go the easy route and get the Frozip plastic tubes that let you make your own Otter Pop-like treats.

Last summer I spent a decent amount of money on a caftan that looks shockingly similar to this pink one from Amazon.  It also comes in blue.  And I cannot recommend this style highly enough.  The waistband gives you all the great things about a caftan but with a bit more shape, so the look is more flattering.

The caftan comes in one size and adjusts with a drawstring.  I loved mine, and wore it too much.  So for <$25, I grabbed one of these as well.

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