LIFE LATELY new things// lifestyle , decor

LIFE LATELY new things// lifestyle , decor



In one of my last posts I mentioned getting my bicycle ready for riding.  then i happened to find something i  was missing for my bike,    a few accessories  like  tire pump,  and the tools. 

Found this handy set so will be all set for any flat tire issue……. i hope.


A new set of dishes for outdoors  is just what we needed . like the soft pastel shades and the fact  don’t need to worry if they break………

This set reminds me of spring and will add some colour to dining  al fresco. 

Next will have to find a nice table covering to set them on.  Some print perhaps?


YES   I have an addiction for lavender!  L ast years plant is looking a bit straggly , so something GREEN with flowers is needed outside.  Somehow it never seems to grow back like this photo.  Any tips???

Have you planted lavender in your garden or on your balcony?

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