April 11, 2021

LIFE LATELY @HOME// Lifestyle, wellness, inspiration

LIFE LATELY @HOME// Lifestyle, wellness, inspiration


Hi everyone!!  hope you all had a relatively good Easter weekend there. We had chilly weather so any plans to sit out were cancelled. Just last night there was such strange weather, thunder and lightning, and SNOW.   Again we are in a full lockdown… like so many in Europe. We are all in the same boat, unfortunately. 

 So all one can do is stay calm and wait…….    

Meanwhile I have been checking out some courses to take later in spring summer …. if all goes well.


Well we had a very quiet weekend there wasn’t much to do, outdoors was to chilly to sit,  not like a few days before we had such warm weather . But one thing that was funny and lifted my spirit, was seeing an old classic film, Harvey. If you re not familiar its stars Jimmy Stewart  and a imaginary rabbit. A delight to watch and  a fun comedy!


One thing I have always loved is being by the water or seaside, another is going sailing. As a teenager I had a chance to go sailing with a cousin, what an experience! Such a sense of freedom .  So with that thought in my head  I thought i check out  sailing courses . Surprisedly there are plenty of places to learn this sport activity.  So sign me up….. 


Somewhere to go after lockdown….. this beautiful garden  that is so heavenly.

Its the one place I like to visit in spring  and winter when there is a exhibition during the holidays. 

There is always something happening there.,,,, so hopefully soon can visit it again.

There are so many beautiful gardens to explore in the city.

How was your easter weekend, did you have a chance to do something?

Are you keen on touring gardens?  Lover of the seaside?

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