April 11, 2021



  HI EVERYONE How was your first week of 2021?  I have to say the week started slowly after the holidays. We are still in lockdown , so we are limited to staying home , only trips to shop essentials- so there really isn’t much new.   Like most of us during lockdown we have a certain daily routine. I started to remove some of the christmas things, but left a few things out like the lite houses,wintery snow globes, and my favourite string of lights that look like candles.  Keeping the wintery feel in the room with candles and some greenery DIY PROJECT I love the look when the tree branches are covered in frost, the silvery white that glistens with the sunshine looks so beautiful. Tried my hand at making the frosted branches , these things are so lovely and easy to do. A NEW GADGET This was something my sis has and she really liked using it for making chickens wings etc. So surprise, we got one as a gift  an  Air fryer.  I have to figure out how to use it, so i can’t wait to make


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