April 12, 2021

LIFE LATELY Inspiration// Lifestyle, wellness, DIY

LIFE LATELY Inspiration// Lifestyle, wellness, DIY


Well I hope everyone is handling these chaotic times, extended lockdowns, vaccine issues etc,.My mind went to overload last week, hearing the news. I just had to turn the news and all the other negative things off. Enough is Enough. It was time for a change and just to take care of what I have control over. The other things I can’t change I thought , so what to do……. start painting. 


I love art, going to the galleries and museums  , looking at the fabulous works of art from the masters. I remember the first time I saw Rembrandts night watch in  Amsterdam, it was astonishing and magnificent! It takes your breathe away.  

So I checked out some paint kits to try.  What a wonderful way to spend the day. Its like creative therapy.  I think much needed in these trying times  for kids and adults.

Love this whimsical art.. that makes one dream of things.


Once you start to watch these funny videos you can’t stop, they are so hilarious and cute.

A real mood uplifting thing to start the mornings. or an afternoon when you start to feel tired you can enjoy a good laugh.

panda mania via bbc


I have some potted plants that are really in a sad state. One is the mini rose plant, another is the Chrysanthemum  and the last  is the Poinsettia . I was thinking to toss them  but someone told me to just to cut them down. Then plant them in another pot outside and cover, they  should come back . So I am hoping they do. Fingers crossed.

Anyone else know of another way to save these plants?


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