April 12, 2021

Ask the Edit: A Roundup of Reader Questions

Ask the Edit: A Roundup of Reader Questions

It’s been a while since I’ve tackled reader e-mails here on Capitol Hill Style.  In the frenetic mess that has been the pandemic, something had to fall off of my radar, and it was this.  But over the last week, I’ve had a fresh crop of them, so I thought I would answer a few.


My office is requiring us all to wear masks all day, every day.  Do you have an affordable dupe for your Wolford silk mask?

Love it.  Don’t love the price.  KJ

These D’aire washable silk face masks are little easier on the wallet.  Jessie Zhao also makes a nice silk mask.  And, of course, there’s always Etsy.

Hi Abra:

This seems a strange request in the middle of the pandemic, but I need passport cover recommendations. My best friend will be relocating this summer for an assignment overseas and I’d like to get her a nice passport cover as part of her birthday gift this year. My Google searches have left me uninspired, so I would appreciate your always sleek and chic suggestions. 

Hope you’re staying well and enjoying your Session! Morgan

Ah … dreams of travel to places where a passport might be required.

If you want something very sleek and simple for <$75, Longchamp has a nice leather option.  This blush-leather option from Vida Vida has more of a clean, modern look.

Want it to hold more than a passport?  This metallic one from Boden snaps closed and has space for cards.  And this long leather pouch from Royce has an interesting shape with cool side zips for storage.  Want something more fun?  This Alice + Olivia cover is kind of cute.

Belle (Abra) –

I am going to trial in federal court at the end of March in a very conservative federal district. None of my nice professional suits fit anymore – thanks Covid. Due to the setting, I feel like I need something traditional. I’m a government attorney so I’m hoping to find something that isn’t too expensive. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance from a loyal reader!

First off, good luck on your trial.  That’s a big deal.

It is very hard to buy business suits right now.  Several shops that usually make them a priority are (understandably) switching to sweatpants instead.  But there are still a few places.

I am still shopping for most of my suiting at Ann Taylor.  Simple cuts, basic colors, everything is on sale over the weekends.  This notch blazer is my favorite, but I understand if it’s a little too relaxed for federal court.  In that case, try this shawl blazer.  And remember, it is easier to tailor pencil skirts than it is to tailor pants.  So if you size up due to COVID, you can tailor down if you decide to lose the weight.

If other readers are looking for suits that are a bit more fun, I’m thinking about this medium-green suit from Ann Taylor for spring.

Looking to splurge a bit on a new, post-COVID suit?  BOSS still makes the best ones.  If you’re new to this brand, I suggest reading the size guide carefully, and sizing up if you’re close.  I’m pear shaped, so I always size up in their bottoms.  I like this basic pinstripe suit and this simple navy one.


Do you have a favorite concealer for acne?  I have some maskne spots that I need to cover.


I’ve been extremely happy with Tarte Shape Tape.  It doesn’t rub off easily, look cakey or get that crepe-y look by the end of the day.  I would give it a try, as they have many shades to choose from.  If you’re not ready to commit, start with a travel size!

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