April 11, 2021

What to Wear with Beige Pants

What to Wear with Beige Pants


Beige, stone, khaki, mushroom, light camel … the list of possible light neutral colours with a slight brown base is endless, but really the name of the colour doesn’t matter. It’s what you wear with them that counts and you have a myriad of choices.

White shirt beige pants - what to wear with your beige pants

White shirt beige pants - what to wear with your beige pants

So often a beige pair of trousers are worn with a white shirt.  Sure it works, but that can become a bit boring and unimaginative.  Instead, let’s look at some alternatives to this classic formula and find some new ways to wear your beige pants.  Which you choose will depend on your value, value contrast and colour contrast, along with your body proportions and of course, personality.

A beige/stone/mushroom pant is often the BEST colour to wear in a cropped pant (if it blends with your skin tone) rather than something dark which will cut your proportions up.  It’s also a much better colour to choose than a dark navy or black pant if you have light colouring.

what to wear with beige pants

what to wear with beige pants

1. Wear with Skin Enhancing Colours

If you choose a skin enhancer (these are the oranges/reds/pinks that make you look really healthy as a top, they will work well with your beige pant and give your skin a gorgeous glow.  Make sure the beige of your pant is in the same undertone as your skin-enhancing top.  Yellow or green base beige for warms and pink base for cools.

2. Wear with a Multicoloured Pattern Top for Medium to High Colour Contrast.

Your beige pant is a great foil for a multicoloured patterned blouse or top if you have a medium or higher colour contrast, head-to-toe beige will look bland, boring and just plain dull.  You need to add in additional colours to your outfit.  Avoid an all neutral look (the white shirt/beige pant is not a good option for you), instead, choose a multicoloured pattern in colours that flatter your complexion, make your eyes sparkle and intensify and make you look amazing.  Then pair with some coloured accessories to carry through the additional colours.

3. A Column of Colour to Make You Look Longer and Leaner

If you want to look taller, or leaner, then consider a column of colour with your beige pant.  A similar coloured top or jacket to your trousers will create a long unbroken column, then add in some colour with your accessories or a topper (if you’re doing an inner column of colour).

4. Wear a Top in Your Ideal Value

Depending on your ideal value, this will influence what you wear on your top.  The best choice is to choose a top or outer layer in your ideal value what value top to wear with beige pants

what value top to wear with beige pants

5. Which Shoes to Wear With Your Beige Pant

Depending on your body proportions you may want to consider the shoes and shoe colour you choose.

what shoes to wear with beige pants

what shoes to wear with beige pants

  1. If you have short legs, blend shoes to your trousers – find a beige/stone/mushroom that blends with the beige to create a more seamless, unbroken line through your lower body.
  2. If you are wearing a column of colour, you can wear a shoe that blends in colour, but it’s less important as you’ve already created an elongating line with the colour from head to ankle.  You can choose to wear an alternate coloured shoe, or one with a pattern or element of detail should you choose.
  3. If you have long legs, an alternate shoe colour that relates to your top, or to an accessory bundle is another good option.
  4. Top and tail with shoes in your hair colour – this creates a beautiful bookend effect and is great with a column of colour too.

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