April 11, 2021

SPRING REFRESHER // Decor, DIY, Lifestyle, Home Decor

SPRING REFRESHER // Decor, DIY, Lifestyle, Home Decor


The Plan

There is one room in my home that we have needed to work on for sometime.  It was a combination of bedroom, workspace with a desk, a shelf and cabinet unit,  4 bookcases  that were overfilled and not stable, and small sofa  and a complete mess. (my first surprise when I moved here) So we started to empty out all the books. Brought in a solid unit , a Pax and Kallax shelfs to unify and hold all the books and computer things. 

Now its time to work on the rest of the space to give it a FRESH clean look.

Firstly a space for guests or somewhere to sit and read.  A room that was bright, light and almost spa like. Decided on a rattan fold out , some nesting tables that are easy to move around and a spot to set a book, cup down on, some DIY pillows for colour and a nice plant.  

 Work out area
is  set up by the windows, next to the plant– and the massage chair for my achey back after all this work.


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