April 12, 2021

disabled INFLUENCERS // fashion, social media,

disabled INFLUENCERS // fashion, social media,


Its important for anyone no matter  whether big or small, physically challenged or able to have a chance to do what they want or like, and social media is now one way some of us can show off our style or talents. 

I recently read about some disabled influencers that are now able to share their styles or talents, more recently a young woman with downs syndrome was modelling . It certainly has helped with access to social media to showcase some of these interesting people. 

I can relate to some those in wheelchairs, as I have relatives that are disabled from a young age. Though there was no social media then, it might have made a change for them in some ways. Though they are disabled they both have full lives  working and being involved in many things. I can recall when I visited them , how people stared or would not acknowledge them.  She would not let that bother her, she did her thing. She also loved to try beauty products that I would bring her to try and would help to apply it.  That was one of her of many interests. 


One of the influencers is a young lady Tess Daly in the UK, she is a beauty influencer with over 200,000 followers.  Another is Pippa Stacey she has worked with Tesco and others,  There certainly are many more people that are involved in the marketing or social media.

image Tess Daly

I think it is fantastic they are doing what they are doing and showing more diversity in fashion  , beauty or the other areas of social media.

Read more about them https://www.bbc.com/news/business-56073239


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