April 12, 2021

The Find: Share Your Favorite Daily Bra

The Find: Share Your Favorite Daily Bra

Two years ago, I stopped buying bras from Third Love due to their refusal to address hostile work environment allegations levied by several employees.  At the time, I had a healthy selection of bras in my drawer, so I assumed I had enough time to find a different go-to brand.

I found a few bras that I like.  But I didn’t find any that I loved, until now.

I bought this Wacoal Comfort Intended Bra because I liked the flexible band.  The one thing I hate at the end of a long day is being pinched by a bra band.

This t-shirt bra is comfortable.  It’s lightly padded so it’s not revealing and provides a bit of lift.  And the slightly is wider band is more comfortable and smoothing than other styles.  I liked this style so much, that I also purchased Wacoal’s racerback style bra.

As for sizing the b.Tempted line from Wacoal runs 32B to 36DD, so not the widest range on the market.  I also don’t love that the only colors that most of the bras come in are this pale beige and the black.  (I appreciate when brands create more nude-to-you shades to choose from.)  If you need a wider variety of skin tones, a friend swears by Skims bras, but I haven’t tried them yet.

I think this is one of those posts where the comments will be more helpful than the post itself, especially given how widely bra must-haves vary from woman to woman.  So please leave your favorite daily-driver bra in the comments, you can choose to leave your go-to COVID bra or your “in the office” bra.

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