April 11, 2021

RETURN of the MULLET? //fashion, beauty, hairstyles,

RETURN of the MULLET? //fashion, beauty, hairstyles,

 THE 1980s was the time of discos, pop stars, Bowie, and the  mullet. The one hairstyle fad that is now it seems back on the scene. Some might like it , others not.  I for one am in the latter. Its probably the worst hair cut like something I would have done to some doll that I would try to cut its hair, only to create a disaster and tears.  I have alway had a fear of anyone cutting my hair, perhaps it started as a kid when dad would sit me down and start to trim my bangs for school pictures. Okay it wasn’t so bad but sometimes the cut was to short. I recall one hairdresser chopping my hair off to a pixie cut , the Twiggy look. As a young girl it didn’t matter much but as a teenager it was a disaster. That is when i got into wearing a sun hat for the summer, till the hair grew out.   Needless to say I still have a fear of sissors and salons. 

History repeats itself


Todays version of a mullet  worn by Miley Cyrus,  her dad Billy Ray ( country singer)was one to wear a mullet too

Rock stars like Bowie or Rod stewart

Even a famous movie star was one to don a mullet

What is your favourite style of haircuts?  Bobs, shag, long or short? 

I prefer some length , medium length , shoulder length is nice.  But really much depends on your hair, your face shape and texture. 

Meanwhile the lockdown has me thinking I really have to get my hair cut. Its starting to be way ,way to long and hard to wash. So a trip to a salon is soon in the cards.


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