April 11, 2021

The Find: Lo and Sons OMG Bag

The Find: Lo and Sons OMG Bag

For the first 30-days of the legislative session, I carried my Cuyana tote bag to work every day.  It’s leather.  It’s beautiful.  I love it.  But after I hurt my shoulder the third time lifting it (it gets very heavy when full), I decided to swap it out.

I bought a Lo & Sons bag (and was gifted another one by the brand) when I was still living in D.C..  I loved the bags, but they had one design flaw, it was a hassle to pull your laptop out of the bag.  The pocket was internal, so every time you pulled out your laptop it would get caught on the flap or get scratched up by the zipper.  Not ideal.  But recently, Lo & Sons redesigned the whole bag so that the laptop sleeve is a separate, external pocket.  It’s a game changer.

The L&S OG 2 is a great bag.  It has so many pockets for your laptop, your shoes, your water bottle, and your assorted tchotchkes. It also has a sleeve so it slips seamlessly over the handles of a carry on bag.

The bag is not cheap at $378, but it is worth it.  It has improved my commute so much.  Carrying that heavy leather bag for blocks from the parking lot was not fun.  And lifting it was hard on my shoulders and arms.  This lightweight, functional bag is a dream.  I know multiple women who use it as a diaper bag.

Lo & Sons also makes other great styles.  Their small belt bag is on deep discount, and is perfect for when you need your hands free.  It also transforms into a fun crossbody.

As for work totes, I also owned their Brookline bag (it was the one they gifted me), and it’s great too.  It’s a slightly smaller style, but still holds a lot.  It also holds a 15″ laptop, which many working women need.

Lo & Sons is a great, family owned company.  Their story is wonderfully American, and definitely worth a read.  They’re also moving into sustainable production practices using plastic bottles and other recycled materials.  I highly recommend these bags.

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