April 11, 2021

Happy Hour: Soda Stream Cocktails

Happy Hour: Soda Stream Cocktails

When my doctor recommended that I give up alcohol and caffeine, I knew that it would not be easy.  London Fogs and Vodka Martinis are a big part of my Friday.  Sunrise, sunset, and what not.  So I needed to find other beverages to replace them.

I bought a Soda Stream on a whim, and I have used it almost every day since I purchased it.

My favorite every day drink was actually suggested to me by a reader, it’s soda water with lemonlime bitters in it.  It’s simple and refreshing, but also feels a little…festive?

Looking for some other recipes for mocktails to make with the Soda Stream, I found this wonderful Grapefruit Rosemary drink from Aline Made.  It’s so fresh with citrus and herbal notes.  It would also taste lovely with a bit of vodka in it, but it’s also fabulous as is.

I also found this lovely Coconut Lime Spritzer and this Berry Nice Mocktail.  Both of which will be perfect for spring and summer.

I like the Soda Stream so much, that I am considering asking for this Aarke carbonator for my birthday.  It’ll look great sitting out on my dining room bar.

These Flora Nikrooz pajamas found their way into my cart a few weeks ago.  They are wonderful.  I put them on on Saturday nights, and it’s like a gift to myself.  The second they hit my skin, the weekend has begun.

They remind me of the Lou & Grey loungewear sets that are so popular right now, but you can buy both pieces for the cost of the L&G pants.  I love both, but these ones are a little nicer for the price.

Plus-size?  MissGuided has a few nice sets in a variety of colors.  Lauren Conrad also has some options for petite readers.


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