April 12, 2021

LIFE LATELY February Delights// lifestyle

LIFE LATELY February Delights// lifestyle

 Hi Everyone  how are things there, wherever you are? 

So many places have been hit with snowstorms, from Spain to Greece, parts of the USA too.  The winter SNOW is really something i miss , where I am there is hardly any snow.  That is one thing i miss wintertime and the fun things to do , plus it keeps a person active and healthy. 

Weather Change

Hurray, finally the weather changed to cooler temperatures for a few days, there was even more snow which for me is a BIG thing. I love it when it snows, seeing the dull brown grass covered with fluffy white snow is a delight. Plus with the colder temperatures I could wear my new winter coat. I absolutely love it, its perfect length and the hood trimmed with fur is another wonderful thing.

Yes a small thing like snow and a new coat made my week.

What about Carnival?

well we can’t travel anywhere with lockdowns in effect, I thought it be fun to at least try and have a Carnival at home day.  Any excuse to have fun is important for ones mental health too. So I made and hung up a facemask display, colourful paper garlands and had some simple goodies. Fruit kebabs,  a fondue set up, and of course some bubbly.

(first time trying a fondue party)


my german is beginning to get rusty without enough conversation . So i have tried an online language course to help me maintain and improve my german. 

Can be hard to learn but slowly it improves. 

For me reading it is much easier, and/ writing it but getting the der , die das parts is tricky.


Yes soon spring will arrive here, sometimes in March the flowers start to peek out from the snow as the days are sunnier and longer. So I am looking forward to spring for the chance to get some flowers planted and some colour outside. Fingers crossed the iris bulbs will grow. 

The pussy willows, the fragrant  lilac tree and tulips will magical appear. Something to look forward too!


Hope your week is going well and  keeping safe .


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