April 12, 2021

VALENTINE TREAT// lifestyle, Valentine, Feb.14th

VALENTINE TREAT// lifestyle, Valentine, Feb.14th

 VALENTINES DAY is soon here…. 💕💝

so what to do for this special day.  If you are on your own its also important to treat yourself to some special care. or if you , friends, family or partner have some plans for the Special day its important to share that with each other.

ITS all about sharing the LOVE

A box of chocolates or something yummy is always a good idea. or  a  lovely bouquet of flowers will always   be appreciated  or BOTH!    What girl wouldn’t love that?  Whether ii is chocolates or flowers its the thought , the effort and chance to show the love for that special someone in your life. 


A day spent having a special treatment  like a spa day is one that anyone would love. Get out the soft fluffy towels, bath oils,  and fragrant lotions to sooth the dry skin. Don’t forget the  scented candles.  What a treat! 

One of my special treats is having a manicure , at home.  RED is the colour I love to wear for the day.  Usually red I save for special times, i.e. Christmas holidays, NYr EVE and Valentines 

Some other things are fragrances , nothing is more special then wearing some lacey lingerie.

Other Fun Ideas for the Day.

Come to the KASBAH

Turn a area into a KASBAH , gather pillows,

cushions, candles and imagine being in a faraway place.

Make a Special dinner. what your favourite is. Try making it together i.e. pizzas  

Take a Trip to the museum, zoo or aquarium 

Movie night whether comedy, romance or action 

Spa treatments time to pamper yourself

Game day, a fun way to have some fun

the Artist in you? Drawing each other. another fun activity . 

simple to do, get your pencils and paper and share your artist talents.

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