April 11, 2021

The Find: Tights for Warmth

The Find: Tights for Warmth

The high temperature in Montana today? -5 degrees.  Tomorrow’s high temperature?  -13 degrees.  (That sound you hear is the muffled cries of the people who moved to Montana during the pandemic having never visited before.)  And surprisingly, this is actually a warm-ish winter.

How do you stay warm in these conditions:  You don’t.  You stay alive.  And when you need to wear professional attire to work, every little bit of warmth helps.

Falke are my go-to tights right now.  I like that they use actual sizes and not the A-B-C formula that leaves many of us in between sizes.  They have two styles that I love.

The first, the Warm Deluxe tights are made with a plush, velvety fabric that helps keep you warm.  And they’re 80-denier, so they’re pretty dark. The second are the 100 denier tights which have a nice thickness for cold weather.  I wear them with skirts or under pants, and I love how dark and thick they are.

Sold out in your size?  Bloomingdale’s still has sizes of the 100 denier tights in stock.

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