April 11, 2021

FEBRUARY FUN // lifestyle

FEBRUARY FUN // lifestyle


Yes its the month  of CARNIVAL. time to celebrate!  Something to really have fun with, find a special costume and mask to wear. There is nothing like Carnival or Fasching as it is called in German . 

Its a chance to have some fun, wear funny silly costumes or something more classic. The most famous of all Carnivals I think is the one in Venice , Italy. Nothing compares to a trip to Venice during Carnival. 

Here Fasching is for all ages, children dress up and participate with bands playing. Its a celebration dating back hundreds of years. And is held in many countries in Europe – also around the world. It starts on the 11/11 at 11;11AM 

So why not have a little fun, raid your closets or find a costume to wear , and enjoy the month of Carnival. Anything to keep one happy and a nice change.


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