April 11, 2021

The Find: A Coat on Repeat

The Find: A Coat on Repeat

My Mom was born and raised in the South.  She hates being cold.  But living in Montana, she’s been cold for forty years.

Recently, I convinced her to buy the Amazon Essentials puffer that I have talked about on this blog once before.  She wasn’t convinced at first, as a large, puffy jacket wasn’t her style, but the second she put it on, she was sold.  Over the course of the week she’s owned the coat, I’ve received no fewer than five text messages telling me how nice it is to finally have a warm coat after four decades of fruitless searching.

Yes, the coat is that good.

The Amazon Essentials Heavy Puffer is warmer than my very pricey Canada Goose coat.  It’s warmer than my Mom’s expensive Patagonia coat.  It’s warmer than any coat either of us have ever owned in our lives, and we live in Montana, so we know coats.

I now own this coat in two colors.  My Mom is about to own it in two colors.  It is the perfect chilly morning coat for dog walking or getting the mail.

As for sizing, I’m a size 6, and I wear a S.  And there’s still plenty of room to wear a sweater underneath.

If you don’t need to be bundled up like an Eskimo on an ice floe, Amazon also has a selection of affordable puffers in lighter weights.

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