April 12, 2021

My Five Best Poshmark Tips

My Five Best Poshmark Tips

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that many of my business suits are purchased via Poshmark.  Suits are so expensive new, and so cheap on consignment, it makes good financial sense.  And every time I post a new Posh-Purchase, people ask for my tips on using the platform wisely.

Tip No. One // Focus on Your Favorite Brands and Designers

Everyone has favorite brands and designers.  Brands where you know exactly what size you need.  Brands whose quality you trust.  Brands whose style fits your own.  When shopping consignment, stick mostly to those brands.

Tip No. Two // Pay Careful Attention to Fit

The biggest hiccup when shopping online consignment is the potential for buyer’s remorse.  And the number one cause of buyer dissatisfaction is the fit of the item.

I have a short list saved in my computers notes section that lists brands and sizes that I own.  They read like this:

MM LaFleur — fitted skirt dresses sz 8 / a-line dresses sz 6 / tops sz S / Pants sz 8

Burberry — dresses and skirts sz UK 12 / tops sz UK 10

Having these lists means I’m never unsure what size I am in a brand that I already own or that I’ve tried on in stores.

Not sure what size you wear in a certain brand?  Look at the seller’s other sizes for brands where you know your size.  Maybe you don’t know how that Veronica Beard size six will fit you, but you know you wear an Ann Taylor size four.  So if the seller also has several Ann Taylor size fours for sale, you can guess that your measurements may be similar.

Also, never be afraid to ask for measurements or photos of the item on the body.  Both can help you assess whether something will fit you.  But the best course of action is often to stick with brands where you know your size.

Tip No. Three // ‘Heart’ Liberally

Poshmark gives you the ability to like a style by clicking the heart near the item name.  Not only does ‘hearting’ a style add it to your favorites, it also lets the seller know that she has a new like.  Many times, sellers will offer private discounts or free shipping to those who have favorited an item.  So it’s a good practice to fill up your favorite lists so you can keep an eye on pieces you like and save them for later.

Tip No. Four // Negotiate Price, but Don’t Be Insulting

Poshmark allows buyers to negotiate with sellers.  To haggle, if you will.  So most Posh sellers build in to their prices a slight increase.  We expect people to offer a price that’s 15-25% lower, and then counter back.  But sometimes buyers take it too far.

Last year, I had a ‘new with tags’ Burberry trench for sale.  I’d impulse purchased it and run out the return window.  I had it up for $200 under MSRP.  I expected that final purchase price would be $300-$350 under MSRP.  But I cannot count the number of offers I received that were at least 75% lower than retail.

I know some buyers are just trying to score a deal, but once you’ve insulted a seller, most won’t accept a higher offer later.

When assessing a lower offer consider the age of the item, the condition of the item, how long its been listed on Poshmark, and the price you want to pay.  Then, make a fair offer.  Most sellers will take you up on it or make a reasonable counter-offer if you’re in the ballpark.

Top No. Five // Always Open a Poshmark Purchase Right Away 

There are two reasons to open items quickly.  First, sellers aren’t paid until you accept a purchase.  So it’s simply good policy not to make them wait unnecessarily.

The second reason is to resolve issues.  I once opened a Posh-Purchase to discover it was horribly discolored, likely from poor storage.  I sent Poshmark an email same day and was refunded and provided with a label to return it to the seller.  So open it right when you get it to give it a once over.

Any questions about shopping on Poshmark?  Leave them in the comments.


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