April 12, 2021

My FAVOURITE THING// fashion , jewelry

My FAVOURITE THING// fashion , jewelry


Hi Everyone, 

Now that the month of January flew by  its another extended lockdown here, Better to keep safe then sorry. There were new rules, one of them is that everyone MUST wear  proper facemarks, medical versions, NO HANDMADE . So of course we immediately got them , they were available at all the grocery stores.  A much better idea to wear a PROPER mask!

So moving on to something more fun to wear,,,, JEWELRY.  One of my favourite things. This year the looks seem to be for more chunky looks, which I don’t mind really.  I like to have different pieces to wear to change a look of an outfit.

Well we aren’t out as much now or wearing our unusual work outfits, jewelry is at least a simple easy change. 

Here are a few pieces to inspire us.

images  zara hm


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