April 11, 2021

Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 47

Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 47


In This Video

0.07 I feel like I’m never stylish – it that my lack of shape means clothes don’t fit or flatter? I’m short too which doesn’t help – any suggestions?

2.39 – I’d love to wear dresses and skirts but tend to always wear trousers and tops because I’m overweight. I find it hard to dress up! I also recently bought a bowler hat but haven’t had the courage to wear it yet.

5.43 – My style shifts with different workplaces, cultures and activities and I”m quite non-conformist, whilst also being comfort orientated. I could like to add a piece or two from current trends to wear with my existing wardrobe. How to do this?

Your Guide to Tailoring and Alterations

The Best Clothing Alterations Based on Your Body Shape

How a Small Alteration Makes a Big Difference

Your Guide to Tailoring and Alterations

Wear Something New

Why Courage is the Ingredient You Need To Become More Stylish

How to Improve Your Style Using Your Sensing or iNtution

What are Mental and Emotional Comfort with Regards to Personal Style?

Defining Your Personal Recipe

U is for Uniform

6 Powerful Strategies for Replacing Wardrobe Workhorse Items

Your Ultimate Guide to Creating Wardrobe Capsules

In This Video

0.10 – Very Petite Dilemmas – it’s so impossible to find clothes and shoes to fit and when you are a size 14 or have a large bust what are you to do?

4.40 – I have a very hard time getting rid of things I have had and loved for decades that are still in good shape. Any tips on what to keep and how to know it’s truly classic and what to let go of?

10.39 – I’m cool, dark and smoky (Sophisticated) and am looking for blush and lipstick colours – are there any that are truly universal?

Petite Dressing Tips

How to Choose Print Garments That Flatter

S is for Scale

How to Find Clothes that Fit When You are Petite and Plus Size

Signs It’s Time to Let Go

When is it Time to Let Go of the Trends You Love?

8 Tips to Help You Declutter Your Wardrobe

Before You Throw It All Out for a Minimalist Wardrobe Read This

Choosing the Right Lipstick

How to Choose Flattering Lipstick Colours

5 Tips You Need to Know to Choose a Flattering Lipstick Colour

How to Choose Makeup Colours that Flatter


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