January 22, 2021

The Edition: No. 207

The Edition: No. 207

The world needs a wash and a week’s rest. // W.H. Auden

+ How to ask for a raise during tough times.

+ Still one of the greatest work dresses I have ever owned.

+ Tips for being a good friend while protecting your mental health.

+Do not miss Nordstrom Rack’s “Work from Anywhere Shop;” I snapped up this basic blouse.

+ A complete guide to including work experience on your resume.

+ This relaxed coatigan is perfect for WFH. Also loving this structured one.

+ Seven sleep resolutions for better rest in the New Year.

+Can’t sit anymore? I bough this standing desk converter and anti-fatigue mat.

+ VP-Elects Harris’s Vogue cover controversy explained.

+ Looking for a unique trench?  This herringbone one from Express is fab.

+ Long Reads. Every Parler post, many with geo-location date has been archived.


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