November 29, 2020

Amazon Favorite Things Gift Guide

Amazon Favorite Things Gift Guide

Happy hump day, ladies! Today I’m sharing some of my Amazon Favorite Things. These are things I’ve purchased from Amazon and love.

Many of them I get asked about over and over again. What’s your favorite cami? What’s your favorite robe? What are the belts you wear? You get the point!

I thought some of these might make good Christmas gifts/stocking stuffers.

Sleepwear | I wear these pajamas all year long. They’re my favorite!

Camisole | This is the camisole I wear all the time. It’s lined and has adjustable straps. I have the black and off white one.

Microfiber Washcloths | I love to use these to remove my makeup. They exfoliate the skin, and they dry quickly.

Robe | This robe is so soft, and I use it all fall and winter. I use this robe in the spring and summer.

Fabric Steamer | I have a small steamer for travel, but this is the steamer I use most often.

Marble iPhone Case | I get asked a lot about this case. It’s one of my favorites!

Classic Retro Sunglasses | I have a pair of Warby Parker sunglasses, but these from Amazon are my favorite. I have the black and the tortoise frame.

Sterling Silver Ring | I wear this ring a lot. I love that it’s adjustable so you can wear it on different fingers.

Luggage | I have this set, and I love it!

Leopard Waistband | This has been a top seller on here all year. If you have an Apple watch, this is a great band.

Pearl Necklace | This pearl necklace is dainty. Wear it alone or pair it with another necklace.

Circle Belt | I love these belts and have them in several colors.

Microfiber Sheets | We love these sheets.

Leopard Belt | Another one of my favorite belts.

Glamorous Wash | This smells so good! I only use it on my towels and sheets. I use a capful with my regular detergent.

Alba Botanica Lotion | Really good lotion, I use on my legs and arms.

Tinkle Razors | I’ve talked about these many times, I use them on my face to remove peach fuzz, and I use it on stray eyebrows.

Portable Phone Charger | This is a charger for my iPhone, and I keep it plugged in and always have it ready to use.

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Beauty For the Heart~~ “It is important to remember that anytime you feel the need to begin a conversation with the words, “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but . . .” it’s almost always a conversation that shouldn’t happen at all.

So, if you feel the need to say, “I probably shouldn’t say this . . .” then DON’T! Just hush.

That little nudge you are feeling is probably the Holy Spirit saying, “Don’t go there. You’re going to regret the words you’re about to speak.” Or as King David wrote, “Muzzle it!” – Robert Morris, The Power of Your Words

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