November 29, 2020

5 Perfect Coats And How To Style Them For Any Outdoor Activities This Winter

5 Perfect Coats And How To Style Them For Any Outdoor Activities This Winter

We think a good winter coat is the best thing to gift yourself to right now. And although we’re in the midst of lockdown 2.0, there are actually still plenty of things we can get up to to make us feel festive – all of which require wrapping up warm. We’ve compiled a list of five different outdoor activities and the ideal outfit to wear to them, all based around one perfect coat each. From borg jackets to crocodile trenches, these are our top five outwear pieces right now. Pick your favourite now and enjoy it all winter long…

1. Winter walk

Something we can all do right now is heading out on a winter walk. For this, of course, comfort is key – but it’s always nice to make that little bit off effort if it’s all you’re doing that day. We’ve gone for a tonal look centred around our teddy borg jacket, paired with all our favourite stone, brown and ecru shades. The joggers and the knit keep it feeling cosy, while the boots and the bag give it more of a trend-led edge.

2. Tree shopping

You might be planning on putting your Christmas decorations up a little earlier this year to feel some festive cheer. So, if you’re off Christmas tree shopping anytime soon, make it feel that extra bit special in our khaki velvet faux fur jacket. Keep the rest of the outfit simple with our Kort jeans and black boots and we’re sure this will become a go-to all season long.

3. Christmas light hunting

While we may not have been able to go and watch any Christmas lights be turned on this year, we can still venture out on evening walks to see the streets all lit up. If you don’t live in the city, we’re sure some houses in your local area will start putting up their decorations soon which are equally fun to look at. You’ll want to keep warm so our top choice is our longer length PU and borg reversible coat.

4. Festive food shop

Usually, we don’t make too much effort when it comes to our food shop attire. However, it’s probably just about the only place you’re likely to run into someone at the moment, so it’s nice to look put together. The trick is to stay super comfy with your outfit, think ribbed flares and a jumper. Then, throw over our crocodile trench to look elevated and chic with barely any effort required.

5. Grabbing coffee

something a little social you can get up to is meeting a friend for a coffee in the park. You’ve probably got accustomed to your loungewear and anything else might just seem like too much right now. A good compromise is our charcoal belted faux fur coat which feels just like a dressing gown making getting out of bed that bit less daunting. And when paired with some faux leather leggings and a sweatshirt you’ll have to whole off-duty thing nailed.


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