November 29, 2020

NOVEMBER THOUGHTS // life, prayers

NOVEMBER THOUGHTS // life, prayers


I had planned to write a post earlier, to start November in a cheery mood with things to get for gifts for Christmas, some decor ideas and other things. But this week was the most terrible week we have had to experience. Monday night our phones were binging notifications of shooting in the city. A TERROR ATTACK.

The week has been a roller coaster filled with so many emotions, great sadness, tears, anger. To imagine a beautiful warm evening out in the centre, people enjoying the evening before the lockdown and then running for their lives. The fear I can only imagine. 

Something so unimaginable in this beautiful city. I could not believe it at first.  We read about these events happening in so many cities, not only Europe but around the world. It was dreadful, to hear the news and see how the city centre was filled with endless police and ambulances. 

It makes me oh so sad to imagine what the families, friends are going through after such a thing.  We can only pray for them. Also for  the courage of the police officers, ambulance workers, medics, that were there to help and protect ,  a huge thank you .

I have spent so many times walking around the centre of the city , seeing the Stephansdom, the different cafe , restaurants , strolling along the side streets . Seeing people from all over the world enjoying the area.  It will take some time to recover after such a traumatic event, but people are strong.

 Vienna has seen many things  during wartime and it came back.  So this too , it will overcome

We will survive , stronger and determined to see 

such things never happen again.

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