August 5, 2021

7 Of The Most Wholesome Things We Found On The Internet This Week

7 Of The Most Wholesome Things We Found On The Internet This Week

The Internet can be a pretty daunting place at times, especially since this new lockdown has been announced. Sometimes our feeds are just full of overwhelming information and we start to miss all the fun and uplifting content we’re used to seeing on all of our favourite apps. So, to boost your mood this week, we decided to round up seven of the most wholesome things we found on the Internet recently. Prepare for some happy scrolling…

1. The inspirational video

This might be a little bit of a tear jerker for some, but watching this video the whole way through is sure to warm your heart. We also love the messaging of this tweet: ‘surround yourself with people who care about and encourage you to reach higher’.

2. The dog content

@honeytheiggyThe wink. 😉 ##reinventingmyself ##outfitinspiration ##dogsoftiktok ##fashion ##foryoupage ##italiangreyhound♬ original sound – Lorena Pages

We’re completely obsessed with this TikTok of an Italian greyhound showing us all of its new favourite styles. And luckily, the sound has gone pretty viral, so there’s plenty more to see of dogs doing the same thing.

3. The uplifting quote

A simple tweet that spoke volumes to us this week says ‘You haven’t met all the people who are going to love you yet.’ And at a time when most of us might feel isolated and alone to at least some extent, this is a comforting thing to keep in mind.

4. The pregnancy announcement


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Of course we had to mention Emily Ratajkowski’s pregnancy announcement in this round-up, after the whole world fell in love with the video directed by Lena Dunham. She’s around 20 weeks pregnant at the time of this post and now we just can’t wait for the baby to arrive.

5. The cutest Halloween costumes

@greyandmamaHalloween at home means ALL THE COSTUMES. Happy Halloween – hope you’re all staying safe!!! 🎃🎃 ##happyhalloween ##mycostume ##halloweenlook ##fyp ##foryo♬ original sound – greyandmama

Just when we thought we were done with the Halloween content, this came along. We think the shark costume has to be our favourite, although it was very hard to pick. What is yours?

6. The nursing home temporary tattoo party

Self proclaimed as ‘very wholesome content’ are these photos from a nursing home where the residents had been given temporary tattoos for one of the activities. This is definitely the type of social post we need to see more of right now.

7. The fun TikTok

@spicynuggetsIt boggles my mind what they do and don’t know! Love these! ##attentiongrabber ##teacher ##teachersoftiktok ##tiktokteacher♬ original sound – spicynuggets

This teacher brightened our day by sharing the unique attention grabbers she uses for her students. It’s made even better when you realise there’s a total of sixteen of these videos on her page and probably many more to come.


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