December 2, 2020

HERE WE GO AGAIN// lifestyle, @home, organizing

HERE WE GO AGAIN// lifestyle, @home, organizing

 The Weekend of Scarey things and Surprises

Halloween was very quiet but that is usually the case here, as it really is not such a BiG thing . The much more celebrated event is Carnival  with the costumes and kids also take part in. But i still enjoyed it, watching some scary movies , reading and relaxing. Well I like to set up some fall decorations , this year felt much different. The kids had the week off and after this weekend , austria is again going into the second lockdown. SURPRISE 

So what to think? Each day the numbers of cases increased, and I can say I think it is importantt to make sure everyone follows those recommendations. Yet here we are again in lockdown.  Sadly it is the same situation around the world.  The only answer really is to avoid contact with people till there is a vaccine,  keeping distance is one thing, but the MASKS are very important , and regular disinfection.  Without those steps  we will be forever going in circles and be in lockdowns over and over.  GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME and then it done. SAFE for everyone!

WHAT NEXT? Declutter and organize 

DECLUTTER the office, papers galore

Well to make the most of the situation, I started to clear away some old papers, magazines  that dearest kept piled up on a desk. It is amazing really how much stuff comes in the mail. To get started  we bought 2 paper shredders to do the job. It took several hours and days to organize it. What a relief to get the things into bags and out to the recycling.  So that is a small task done.


I am sure many of us have things pushed back in the cupboards we have not used for awhile, or something that is broken or seldom used.  Old plastic containers, jars, outdated food items.

When I moved here ,the first place I had to clear out were the kitchen cabinets, namely unused food packages that were way over the expiry date.  Then some mismatched chipped dishes and cups.

(I think his mom gave him her old sets she didn’t use.) Good thing the pots and pans were like new.

Seldom used.  A lovely set in pastel colours with coated inside. 

Much needed tea towels , paper towels, and oven mitts were added.

He actually had the oldest fridge, which needed to be defrosted. Replaced that with a new stainless steel frost free unit . Made me a happy girl.

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