November 27, 2020

Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 35

Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 35


In This Video 

0.10 How to include more interest and unique colour combinations in my outfits?

4.11 – How do I find the right neutrals to act as an anchor for my wardrobe?

9.18 How do you match clothes to your body shape, ie to make you look taller, slimmer and longer legs?

Creating Unique Colour Combinations

How to Choose Linking Pieces and Accessories to Co-ordinate Your Outfit More Stylishly

How to Choose Accessories to Match Your Personality and Occasion

18 Funky Storage Ideas for Your Accessories

What are Neutrals?

How to Select Your Best Neutrals

How to Discover Neutrals with the Right Undertone For You

Neutrals – What are They and How to Wear Them

How to Choose Neutrals

Flattering Your Body Shape

How You Can Use Verticals To Look Taller and Slimmer

How to Look Taller and Make Your Legs Look Longer

How to Look Taller Using a Column of Colour

In This Video

0.08 – What to put on your legs – socks, stockings what to wear with skirts and dresses, how about jeans?

4.05 – As a deep value and neturals plus one colour how much colour in one outfit do you you think looks best?

6.15 – What shoes don’t look frumpy?

What to Wear with Shoes

Top 6 Ways to Choose Shoes to Go With Your Outfit

How to Choose Boots for Your Body Shape

How to Choose Shoes with Style When You Have Foot Issues

Are Nude Stockings Really a Fashion Crime?

More Colour Contrast 

7 Important Factors for Working with Contrast

How to Wear Your High Colour Contrast When Your Personality Prefers to Blend-In

The Value of Value Contrast and Using it to Create Stunning Outfits

More about Shoes

How to Have the Perfect Wardrobe of Shoes

Your Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Shoe Styles to Pair with Your Jeans

Essential Shoe Wardrobe


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