November 29, 2020

At the VIENNalle// Lifestyle, event,

At the VIENNalle// Lifestyle, event,

October or the fall season is one I look forward to for different reasons. Two special events are held this  time of year. Firstly the Long night at the Museum is usually held, but not this year. The other event that is happening next week is the film festival Viennalle.

As you can guess, if you read my other posts, I am a movie lover. I particularly like foreign films, plus others. The classics to comedy, action to mystery.   Perhaps because we would as a family go to the drive ins and see the latest films. I can remember it being such fun. So after that movies became a part of growing up. 

There are a few I would like to see but with the situation as it is, think  I will skip this years event. But no problem, I can get into the spooky mood and see some Halloween films instead.


One i like is an older one with Johnny Depp,  Sleepy Hollow.  A classic but well made. There is also one called Secret Window he stars in, written by Stephen King. (I am not a big King fan) but this one is a spooky thriller. 

Perhaps the other films he made though not really halloween related are those Pirate ones

Hocus Pocus is definitely one most of us might have seen,  Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica parker together as witches is something to see and make you laugh.  A good family film .

Dracula,  is another old classic. 

Practical Magic, Sandra Bullock and Nicole kidman, together  as sisters with a past family secret that brings them troubles.  Drama, suspense and love.

What are some films you like to watch or see  during halloween?

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