November 27, 2020

Water Bottles That Look So Good, They Remind You to Drink Up

Water Bottles That Look So Good, They Remind You to Drink Up

Water Bottles That Look So Good, They Remind You to Drink Up

Could one possibly overdose on H2O? Asking for a friend.


You’ve probably heard this ad nauseam throughout your life from your mom, your family doctor, and any health nut you might’ve encountered: Drink eight glasses of water a day. Given that up to 60 percent of the human body is made up of water (we checked), our body essentially cannot function without water. There’s really no need for us to get into the benefits of drinking aqua – you already know them.

Yet, even knowing all that we know, there’s an overwhelming number of us who go about living our lives like we were succulents. Drinking water is inconvenient. We said it. Rather than add another to-do onto our already extensive list, we’d get by with the minimum for our daily H2O intake. By that, we mean cups of venti Starbucks cold brew and boba tea – terrible habits we aren’t entirely proud of.

Kick-starting a habit can be hard and we completely feel you. We’ve been there. Our dear Kulala member Natalyn or as most of you might know her, @natabat_, took it upon herself to up her water intake from one to four glasses a day all in the name of research. And it worked! Doing it gradually is one way to ease yourself into the habit of drinking more water. Slowly but surely, you’d progress to eight glasses.

If you’ve tried and failed at the whole drinking more water thing – consider this. When you see a bottle of water in your line of vision, you’re that much more likely to reach out for it. Visual cues, they work. It’s just the way we’re wired. Bringing a reusable bottle around with you is one way to remind yourself to drink up throughout the day. Plus, it’d save you multiple trips to the pantry that ain’t nobody got time for anyway.

We’ve rounded up seven very eye-catching water bottles that we bet will call for your attention. Given that these also double up as an accessory, you’d have no qualms about bringing them everywhere. Cheers – drink up!

Loewe Paula’s Ibiza x SIGG Mermaid Print Metal Water Bottle

More Joy By Christopher Kane Metal Water Bottle

Stussy Kinto Travel Tumblr

Kinto Day Off Tumblr

HAY Sowden Bottle

Prada Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Collina Strada Rhinestone Water Bottle

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Water Bottles That Look So Good, They Remind You to Drink Up

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