November 29, 2020

IDEAS for HALLOWEEN// Lifestyle, DIY, decor

IDEAS for HALLOWEEN// Lifestyle, DIY, decor


Halloween is quickly approaching and for those that like to get into the mood there are plenty of fun DIYs and decorating ideas to find and make.

I especially like the new look of painted pumpkins,  though not scarey they add a fun detail to the decor. some other things I find are fun  are the hanging bats.

Another simple DIY is a scarecrow, simply get an old pair of jeans, a shirt , a hat, suspenders and stuff with newspapers, Same for the head, use a plain pillowcase to set hat on top. Place the scarecrow on a chair .or set against wall outside.  

One blogger has several great DIY ideas to make for the season, like the glowing eyes  and other fabulous ideas she shared. Check out Kellys DIYs for more ideas


images: good housekeeping, pinterest

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