November 29, 2020

my weekend, movies music & more// lifestyle

my weekend, movies music & more// lifestyle

Here we are in the middle of October already – hard to believe how quickly 2020 has gone , even with all the changes in our lifes.    

This week and weekend has been so chilly and rainy, no point going anywhere. Just staying in and keeping warm. We actually had a slight cold  after the sudden temperature changes from 21C to 9C. So i enjoyed the time making soups and resting up, plus watching some movies.  Nothing like a good movie to past the time.

MOVIES review

Two movies I really enjoyed are French but can be in english.  The first one  is called La Melodie a  story about a class of students learning to play the violin, and the teacher who has no experience with kids, but is classically trained. The kids in the film were super, and the acting was believable. A very inspiring film and uplifting. Something we can use, especially during these times.  Definitely Worth to see!  Film for the whole family.

The second film is also music related, this time a young girl moves to Paris to attend a music school, but first she has to find a place to live. when she finally finds the place, the old man Mr. Henri has  some other plans. A bit of a comedy with a twist.  The Student and Mr. Henri.  A touching film.


I love a nice warm soup , especially when I am not feeling well. So this week I decided to make it from scratch. A vegetable soup with rice and chicken   Super simple and so tasty. I didn’t follow any recipe, basically just follow the soup cube directions and add what you like rice or pasta, vegetables etc.

Vegetable soup cubes 2, water, rice ( handful), cooked chicken chopped , dried chives or fresh.


The skiers I am certain are happy there is snow already in the mountains and some ski hills will be opening end of the month. But in the meantime the first ski race of the season started this weekend in Europe.  So something to watch , I love to watch it, though my favourites are no longer racing.  This year will be interesting.

Are you a ski fan? Ever tried skiing? I tried downhill a couple of times, first taking lessons at a local ski hill, then going to the mountains  which really scared the &%&* out of me.  The first mishap was the chair lift broke down on the way up the mountain, sitting perched up so high on a windy hill , waiting for it to go was awful , especially since i have fear of heights.   I did finally get up to top but spend part of the time in the lodge cafe till i got the nerve to go down.  But I am proud to say i made it down , all in one piece.

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