August 5, 2021

Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 32

Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 32


In This Video

0.09 How do you get your own taste in clothing to offer helpful advice to others? How can you distinguish personal preference from style faux pas?

7.53 – Do muted colours on sheen fabrics read as lighter or darker? Will they advance or recede?

9.02 – Can you define mental and emotional comfort of clothing? What are the signs something is not for you? Why is it that women are often so reticient at turning up the volume with their style when that’s why they seem to need the most?

Style Advice from an Image Consultant

The Secret to My Success as an Image Consultant

Why I’m an Image Consultant and How You Can Be Too.

Why Personality is the Key to Style

Understanding Sheen Fabrics on Muted Colours

Incorporating Texture and Sheen into your Outfits

Finding the Right Texture and Sheen for Your Skin

Understanding Warm and Muted Colours

Dressing based on your Mental and Emotional Comfort

6 Brilliant Strategies to Creating the Perfect Wardrobe Part 1

Wardrobe Capsules, Outfit Formulas and Uniforms – Which is Right for You?

How to Express Your Personality Through Your Personal Style

In This Video

0.12 If you had to choose between two dresses, one had a great colour but was not flattering for your body shape, the other fit amazing, and was very flattering but was not a good colour – which would you choose?

2.19 How to choose prints?

8.20 I wear a lot of colours which limits my ability to mix and match items on a limited budget – any suggestions?

How to Shop – Tips and Tricks

How to Have a Successful Shopping Trip

9 Ways Knowing Your Best Colours Will Change Your Life as Well as Your Wardrobe

How You Can Always Love What You Buy

Why Shopping For Clothes Makes You Want to Scream

How to Choose Flattering Prints

S is for Scale

What You Must Know About Choosing Prints for Patterned Skin

How to Interpret Prints and Patterns

How to Choose Prints and Patterns that Go With Your Colour Palette

How to Choose Prints That Work With Your Colour Contrast

How to Mix and Match

How to Mix and Match Colours

How to Choose Colours That Are Super Easy to Mix and Match

In This Video

0.08 I don’t feel comfortable in the clothes and styles I think I like. I’m drawn to classic, preppy styles but feel frumpy in htme. I end up wearing more girly styles – why?

3.57 I struggle with layering – any tips?

8.23 I’ve got an O shape and carry most weight in belly and shoulders – I recently bought a ribbed cardigan that creates a V shape through the body – is this good for me?

Developing your Personal Style

How to Avoid Looking Frumpy or Matronly

Developing Your Style Recipe – Tips and Tricks from the Professional

The Inspiration You Need to Create Your Style Recipe

Tips on Layering your Clothes

How to Layer Your Clothes and Look Stylish

More Tips on Layering with Style

How to Layer Tops

Choosing Flattering Cardigan

How to Wear Cardigans for Your Body Shape

11 Ways to Style Cardigans so they’re Funky not Frumpy

How to Style a Waterfall Cardigan


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