The Topshop Star Sign Jeans To Match Your New Season Horoscope

The Topshop Star Sign Jeans To Match Your New Season Horoscope

By now, you probably know that we love anything star-sign related here at Topshop. So, with the arrival of our new horoscope Mom jeans that have just landed on-site and in store, we thought what better way to show them off to you than by sharing your horoscope for the month with you as we go through each pair. Scroll to find your sign, see what this month has in store for you and pick up your new favourite jeans whilst you’re at it. And, don’t forget we have horoscope T-shirts too if this is really your thing…


Aries, this month promises to be one of the most important of the year. This is the prime time to appreciate your own greatness and focus on you and your worth. As Mars, your ruler, will be in retrograde this month try to avoid launching any new projects or plans that weren’t already in the works previously. You’ll be likely to focus on important business or romantic partnerships but this is not your time to promise long-term commitment. October ends with another full moon which will spotlight your finances – you could see a new job, large cheque or a pay-rise.


In recent months, you may have been extra busy trying to bring a project into fruition and now you’re feeling more tired and burned-out than usual. This may affect your mental health leaving you anxious and frustrated so take a step back and prioritise rest and relaxation. But, midway through this month new doors should open for you either to a new job or to take on new clients or projects. You may feel some tension in relationships towards the end of the month but despite this, a full moon in your zodiac sign on the 31st, will highlight your personal goals, hopes and projects.


Expect to be invited to an important social event or seen an opportunity to expand your network. You may even receive some unexpected information from a friend during the beginning of this month. For both single and taken Geminis it is clear you are ready to have fun and embrace passion. If you’re looking, romance could come your way so make sure to connect with potential suitors. There’s also lot of nostalgic energy around you so you may cross paths and reunite with old friends or hear from an ex but as October comes to an end you will feel the need to recharge and lie low.


Since the end of June, career has been a major focus for you, which promises to continue throughout the month of October. But, with Mars spinning out of orbit this month, you could hit a wall or some unexpected obstacles. It’s quite likely you will see an important victory, favourable press or promotion come your way. Take this without hesitation before Mercury retrograde begins on the 13th. You will also focus on family and home this month which could entail attending to situations with your parents, fixing up your space or handling roommate ordeals. A full moon in your social zone calls you on the very last day of the month so expect a spontaneous invite to an event, perhaps a Halloween one.


Leo, you are eager to expand into new territory. A full moon in your growth sector delivers news regarding an opportunity to branch out into a new direction. But with Mars still asleep in this same sector, you may still find some barriers you need to overcome to get where you want to go. Your mind will be extra active this month boasting the perfect time to embark on a new writing or speaking endeavour. However with Mercury retrograde beginning on the 13th be careful with what you say and proofread even more cautiously. Later in the month, you’ll feel the urge to focus on your family and surroundings but the universe will also throw more professional demands at you and with an electric full moon on the last day prepare for important news regarding your ambitions.


At the beginning of the month, your intimate relationships will be spotlighted so now is the time to address anything that needs to be adjusted in both romantic and business partnerships but make sure to come from a place of serenity and not anger. New prosperity is likely this month – if you’re looking for work do so now or a raise or large cheque may come your way. Your ruler, Mercury will be slowing down so you may feel you have less energy than usual and are confused about how to move forward. The month closes with a full moon bringing you visions of expansion, utilise the last days of the month to push closer toward your goals.


Libra, this is your birthday season! The sun is in your zodiac this month so you are brighter than ever. This is the most important time to make plans for the year ahead – choose what is important to you and create actions that can begin to build it. Although you are focusing on you, a lot of attention will be on your relationships as well. You might make an important decision regarding someone in love or business. Usually this would be the time to think of engagement or marriage but with Mars asleep in the same sector of relationships wait until later in the year for a better time. Or, if a relationship has outlived its purpose the full moon could force you to move in separate ways but trust that the universe is pushing you to someone better.


You must prioritise rest and relaxation, Scorpio. The sun will be in your sector throughout the majority of the month and the new moon on October 16th encourages you to lie low. Your co-ruler, Mars is fast asleep and having nightmares in your work sector – so you may be frustrated with stagnation in your job. But the full moon is telling you ‘go!’ – at this time you may finish up an important project, start with a new employer or take on more. The 22nd brings the arrival of birthday season, normally you may throw a huge celebration but this year it may be best to choose a smaller soiree.


While October may bring stress to many of the zodiac signs, you, Sagittarius, should fare much better. Mars has been within this same zone for months but is currently in retrograde so you may feel a spark has dimmed in a current relationship, your dating life has come to a halt or old flames have returned! You may choose to open your heart at this time but, with Mars in weak orbit, do not become official. Instead, use this time to have fun! Your social life will bloom and you’re likely to hear from many friends especially after the 16th.


Capricorn, prepare to face important matters regarding your home or family throughout much of this month. Luckily, with the arrival of full moon on October 1st – news will arrive that will allow you to fulfil your plans strategically. If you’ve been looking to change living spaces or been hoping to be freed from a toxic roommate, this time may finally come. Despite a focus on stability, your ambitions are at a high – new job opportunities, a promotion or increased responsibility could now be on the table. The second half of the month suggests a busy social life and you may hear from an old friend or, find out you and a friend are not always on the same page. And to end the month, some Capricorns may feel that they are falling deeply in love or choosing to walk away.


Aquarius, this month you may feel like you have something to say. But, with Mars retrograde occurring in your communication sector make sure you think before you speak because it may be held against you. This month is not the time to sign any long-term contracts although some are predicted to pop up – try your best to avoid or consult someone with more experience than you to look it over. Mid-month some Aquarians could see a new door open and you should seize this will you can. You will notice a battle between your work and home life as the month ends which should be handled with care.


You may have had money coming and going during the previous months but as you enter October, your income is spotlighted and could bring a raise, new job or a well-paying client. You will also be focusing on the balance on your established relationships in business and love – know what you are looking for and work to show you deserve everything you request. This month will feel slower especially during the second half, allow this time to do some deep introspection and see what you have learnt and where you wish to go.

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