October 21, 2020



Pumpkin Spice Colors


Happy Friday! We all woke up to some interesting news today. Regardless of political views, I am praying for the health of the president and first lady this morning. 2020 you are a sh*tshow! I am so far behind after being gone for five days in Ohio. I have much to do workwise, at home, and helping my mom this weekend, and I really just want to catch up on sleep!

By now, you all probably know that I love Fall and pumpkin spice colors. It’s a color that I love to wear and incorporate (in small amounts) in my home. Today, I wanted to show you some of my “Friday Favorites” in that color to wear or look at in your home. How gorgeous is that “faux” leather dress above (Number 5)? Can you believe it’s $120? More expensive but absolutely stunning is this leather trench coat. I bought these boots last year and have loved (with my favorite sweater!) them, but these look almost identical and for a lot less. I love this long cashmere cardigan and this gorgeous pleated skirt (that I recently purchased).

At home, how pretty are these velvet and linen pillows? I think these pumpkin-shaped stoneware mugs are so cute! I love these bath containers in the pumpkin color too! If you really want to go for it at home, this leather daybed is stunning!

I am working at home a bit this morning and then heading out to the Dallas Galleria for a champagne reception in honor of this wall that was installed for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I was asked to have my portrait taken, and it is one of eight ( I think) hanging for the month of October. Needless to say, I am so very honored to be sharing my story and giving inspiration to other women who might be battling breast cancer. I can’t wait to see it!

I hope you all have a great weekend and have glorious Fall weather! xx


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