May 11, 2021

The Edition: No. 191

The Edition: No. 191

There are people who have money and people who are rich. // Coco Chanel

+ How work became an inescapable hellhole.

+ This dark green fall coat is fabulous (petite and plus).

+ Are you aging correctly?

+ & Other Stories chunky cardi and cable cardi are perfect for fall.

+ Nine micro habits that will change your life.

+ Outfit: Cardigan + Chambray Shirt + Olive Joggers

+ Meet the millionaire pandemic-mask barons of Etsy.

+ My favorite workout top from Athleta is back in stock.

+ How work stress is ruining your physical health.

+ Need a gentle serum?  Honest Co. has you covered.

+ What you gain and sacrifice when you move back in with your parents.

+ This Caslon hooded utility jacket makes any casual outfit chic.

Long Read. How to ask if everything is okay when it is clearly not.

We’ve both been getting up early or staying up late (or both) because of work, and lunch is now served at 10:45.  So breakfast for lunch is becoming a thing around our house.  It’s also cheaper than ordering UberEats again.

These blistered tomatoes with goat cheese scrambled eggs are so good.  Add a coarse grain toast and you have the perfect meal.  If you want more greens, just toss in some spinach.

Do your scrambled eggs always come out dry?  The Modern Proper will teach you how to make the perfect soft scramble.

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