January 24, 2021

Happy Hour: The Non-Alcoholic One

Happy Hour: The Non-Alcoholic One

Since quarantine started, my at-home alcohol consumption is up, and my happy hour consumption has stayed level.  As you might imagine, this has contributed to some pandemic weight gain, so I’ve decided to cut back on my alcohol and sugar consumption and give my body a little break.  Because the holidays are coming, and I’d rather not pour gasoline on a weight gain brush fire, as I do not have the money to replace all of my clothes.

This Honey Roasted Pear cocktail can be served with a whiskey shot or without.  Roasting the pears is a bit of a production, but if you put them in when you start serving dinner, they’ll be ready by the time you finish eating.  It’s kind of a fun project for a socially distanced Saturday night.

I liked this cocktail because the sparkling cider reminded me of a my childhood.  Our neighbors used to serve it on New Year’s Eve since no one liked the taste of champagne.  I looked forward to the fizzy, sweet drink all year.  My favorite brand is Vinada, but if your store carries Martinelli’s, that’s fine too.

Yes, it’s the Free People sweater.

Some of you are likely saying “Again, Abra, again with the sweater?”

Yes, again.

I can’t think of a more perfect piece for our current predicament.  It’s cozy, forgivingly oversized, chic, and always feels good on.  Wear it with leggings, with jeans, with trousers.  Wear it at home or business casual.

The Free People Ottoman Tunic is currently in stock in 10 colors.  That will not last.  I have two black ones, two ivory ones, one mauve one, one green one, and now one navy one.  This is not a level of adoration (obsession) that I have ever experienced for an item of clothing before.

At size six, I can wear a size XS or S.  I buy the S because it’s a hair longer.  They both look perfectly oversized.  My friend is a size 10-12, she wears a M.  They have it in XL, and I’m told that can fit a size 18-20 depending on your proportions.

I wore this sweater on a Zoom call today and it looked great.  Perfectly relaxed.  This sweater and a cool earring is just the ticket.

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