August 5, 2021

The Last Day of Summer

The Last Day of Summer


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I feel like the last day of summer felt like a real seasonal full-stop this year.

We went from a two day flush of heat, dinners in the garden and shorts with sweaty legs, mixed with a backdrop of crisp leaves dusted amongst the green- to squally showers, sniffy noses and knitwear being unfolded- all overnight, which made the transition from a pretty strange summer (understatement of the year) to autumn rather sudden. But- being a BBC Weather pioneer (I probably check it as much as Twitter)- luckily, this didn’t come as much of a surprise.

And, what a privilege it’s been to enjoy any of this summer at all. With family across the country in local lockdowns, and the sun being set to a background of a global health pandemic (really Liv? I hadn’t heard!)- being able to even get outside and experience what’s on my doorstep in itself is a novelty I vow never to take for granted again.



So although my last day of summer technically looked like running errands around town in a dress far too fancy for tube lines and bus stops, I managed to catch Carrie right at the tail end of her filming day in Hyde Park, and where better to spend an hour on a sunny afternoon than splashing around on a sparkly Serpentine just before rush hour?

It was something I’d had on my ‘summer bucket list’ last year- but like most things in London that you could perhaps consider ‘touristy’ I’d let it fall by the wayside- and honestly? I probably forgot how beautiful this part of the city is.

It definitely made me appreciate what is so close to home, but also not to overlook the things that might seem a little over the top or ridiculous when it comes to passing an hour in the afternoon- because truly, if you’re after a bit of peace in the city (albeit probably not when I’m sharing with you) then a boat in the Serpentine with a backdrop of swans, cyclists and couples on park benches is pretty damn lovely indeed. Just make sure to take your coat next time!



(Dress: Gifted from Olivia Annabelle)


The Last Day of Summer

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