October 22, 2020

What Do You Do With Stubborn Baby Hairs?

What Do You Do With Stubborn Baby Hairs?

What Do You Do With Stubborn Baby Hairs?

In the words of Queen Bey, “I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros.” 


They just never grow up, remain caught up in their unruly ways and are incredibly difficult to tame. Baby hairs. What does one even do with them? I’ve attempted the obvious. Stick it down with hair gel. Seal it in with hairspray. Straighten the bejeezus out of it. Not exaggerating. I’ve performed such heavy-duty work on my stubborn baby hairs to a point where my hair was so stiff with product, I might as well have worn a helmet out. If you’re thinking that’s extreme, I’ve had a girlfriend go as far as shaving off her baby hairs entirely.

Not ready to go in with the clippers, on most days, I simply resign to the premature strands that stick out like the stray ends of a wire. Dealing with baby hairs is hard enough as is but with humidity thrown into the equation, its a job made far more tedious. Having spent so many years wishing them gone, I’ve finally resigned to the fact they aren’t going anywhere. When I’m 45, they could still be here – might as well start embracing them now.

Baby hairs have the potential to add a little extra pizzaz to your everyday style. Alicia Keys, the queen of embracing au natural everything shapes the short strands along her hairline into waves and ridges rather than perpetually have them slicked back. Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and FKA Twigs, too, have hopped on board the bandwagon in embrace of baby hairs.

Baby hairs are in vogue. For starters, here are a couple of tricks and products to have in your arsenal before you tackle ’em babies. Firstly, before you do anything to your baby hairs, wet them. Then, apply the styling cream of your choice. Your regular comb is probably way too big for the baby hairs. Switch instead to a toothbrush or a small, fine-toothed comb. The ones with the sharp ends do a fantastic job at lining up the baby hairs into the shape you desire.

If you’re new to this baby hair business, we’ve gathered plenty of inspiration from all over the ‘gram to inspire your future baby hair ‘do. Scroll through the gallery above and pick one to try your hand at!

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What Do You Do With Stubborn Baby Hairs?

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