August 5, 2021




Hi, everyone and Happy Fall! I hope you had a great weekend! I’m not going to talk about what we did because it was not fun (packing and moving mom). I am wiped out! We still have more to go this week, but most of her things are in the condo, and she is so excited! Today, I want to tell you about an athletic wear brand that I am so excited to be part of and that YOU CAN be a part of too!

Ladies (and gentlemen), I am super busy, as you know, and shouldn’t add anything more to my plate. Still, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join in with a community of like-minded, encouraging women to work with, plus, I love the clothes! As you know, I love encouraging women by inspiring them to try a different look or reminding them about breast cancer. Most of you reading this are over 50 years old and have children either in college or about to be in college and are probably wondering what you will do to fill your time. Well, that’s where this athletic wear brand comes in.

We all know that because of COVID, so many businesses have shut down, and there are many that are looking for work. This brand allows you to make as much money as you are willing to put into it or make a little fun money on the side. In fact, they want you to become financially independent! It’s up to you, and you can create your own hours. It’s perfect for the empty nester or moms who have kids at home (because you never have to leave the house).

I am trying to word this where it does not come off as “salesy,” but I also believe in this company, and that is why I am sharing it with you. What do most women wear during the day now (even before COVID)? Workout clothes. If you live in a city with a Lululemon, you may have seen lines out the door. Athleisure sales are way up and have been for a while, and I think it will continue.

Now, let’s talk about clothes! All the pieces I am wearing in this post are from the brand I have partnered with. From workout to lunch or dinner, these pieces are comfortable and easy to move in. I love the higher waist leggings that really hold you in. I have been a Lululemon fan but can honestly say that I love these pieces better. The fabrics are softer and more comfortable. All of the pieces are size-inclusive as well! Everyone can wear them! What if you are not the most avid exerciser? I’m not either, but I have been living in the pieces because I am home most of the time and they feel so good!

If this sounds like something, you might be interested in reply to the post with your name and email address. I will follow up with an invitation to an opportunity overview call happening this week. This will be a call to find out more to see if it is a good fit for you. So could athletic wear possibly change your life? It just might!

Have a great day and stay well, my friends! xx

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