5 Trending Drinks You Need To Try This Autumn

5 Trending Drinks You Need To Try This Autumn

After the final taste of summer last week, it’s finally starting to feel like autumn out there. And as with every other year, the new season promises a whole host of new trending drinks to try out. So, expect to see a sudden influx of latte art and brand new takes on the classic pumpkin spice all over your Instagram feeds pretty soon. To help you navigate the best ones to try right now, we’ve rounded up our five favourite trending drinks you need to give a go this autumn. Cameras at the ready…

1. Immune boosters


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Usually, your most Instagrammable coffee locations are a lot more style than substance. But new cafe Busi in Fitzrovia is challenging the stereotype with their seriously pretty drinks that are packed with plenty of benefits so you can show off your bright pink latte with pride. Think rose-quartz ice cubes with matcha and rose-infused drinks that promise to improve skin and hair health, as well as boost your immune system. Not just a pretty drink after all.

2. Rice Coconut Hot Chocolate


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Just having regular dairy milk is really holding your hot drink’s potential back. Now that most coffee shops have dropped the extra charge for alternative options, it’s the perfect time to experiment with something new. We’re sure you’ve heard of the classic soya, oat and almond but have you ever considered rice coconut? Pret’s rice coconut hot chocolate is a hit and now that they’re offering free drinks for a month if you sign up to their new coffee subscription, it would be wrong not to.

3. Flavoured Dalgona

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All throughout lockdown, you probably became pretty familiar with the infamous dalgona coffee: the TikTok trend that took everyone’s kitchens by storm. Now, rather than getting your morning workout in through vicious whisking, you can pick up the whipped treat easily on your afternoon coffee run. And of course, plenty of coffee shops have made them that little bit more 2020 with matcha, rose and other trending flavourings that mask that bitter edge of the original.

4. Pumpkin Spice


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Of course, an autumn drink round up wouldn’t be complete without a pumpkin spice mention. During the fall season, you can pick up one of the iconic lattes from pretty much anywhere including more independent coffee shops too. But, with Starbucks finally launching vegan whipped cream in October, we thought we’d give them an honourable mention as the go-to spot.

5. CBD infusions


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Cannabidiol or CBD appears everywhere from mascara to chocolate and now, coffee. (and pretty much any other hot drink where its sold). Said to reduce anxiety, inflammation and so much more, this trendy oil is more than just a hip hashtag. It’s relatively easy to find around London now but our current favourite spot is Farm Girl where you can try their CBD infused Happy Hot Choc or just add the oil to any drink for an extra £3.


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