May 11, 2021

THE OLD FALL FEELING// Lifestyle, DIY, zero waste, garden

THE OLD FALL FEELING// Lifestyle, DIY, zero waste, garden

September …. fall and what to expect. 

Well there are a few fashion shows  but this year it doesn’t really feel so Special or as exciting sadly.  I guess with all the things going on in the world, fashions aren’t TOP of the List this year.  

After being stuck at home for the last few months, the only thing that is of interest is wearing comfortable clothes,  clearing out things and fixing up  inside or outside, setting up fitness space and planning the garden . 

This week was such great weather , we could sit outside and really enjoy it more. But i noticed the flowers have started to die back, leaves are brown , so it looks dreadful. Then a idea popped into my head – why not try composting?  With some of the household  and garden things,  it is possible to make compost.

THE PROJECT – zero waste

I have a few small plastic containers with lids that I thought would work, simply punch some holes on the sides and the cover . Fill it with soil,  grass or leaves and the kitchen waste things, and mix it up.  Just like baking a cake,  haha.  So I gather the container and started the experiment. I figure with fall it would be the best time, as it is not so hot and less flies,to attract.  So  after trying this, should in theory have great  soil for the planters , much needed nutrients. 


  • plastic container(s)  small or bigger depending how much space you have, i.e. house or apartment 
  • drill –  to make holes for air circulation , ventilation
  • soil
  • leaves or grass clippings,  small twigs and branches, wood chips shavings
  • kitchen waste,  i.e. coffee grinds, peels scrapes from fruits vegetables, egg shells
  • paper  shredded  tear up
  • NO meat , dairy  

 THE CONTAINER , add a little bit of soil to the bottom , add your household scrapes items, mix it up  and sprinkle some water over it, do not get it to wet , just a light sprinkle.   Place the lid on top , voila  finished.  Add more to the compost as you collect it, be sure to add extra soil too.  Same steps over. 

Well this is good for the garden or plants, it also is one way to reduce all the  waste in the landfills, and makes sense to recycle things naturally. 

 Even for kids this is a good thing to learn, a science lesson at home.

image: gardenknowhow , BHG

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