May 11, 2021

The Find: Affordable, Cozy Pajamas

The Find: Affordable, Cozy Pajamas

My favorite pjs are these Moonlight pajamas from Nordstrom Lingerie.  They’re comfortable and soft, but at $65 per pair, not that affordable.  I’ve tried several different options from Target, J.Crew Factory, and the like, but they’re just not as good.  So when I bought this pair, I didn’t expect much, but I was pleasantly surprised.

These Shimera Tranquility Pajamas are a good alternative at about half the price.  The top is a little bit shorter, which isn’t ideal, but it’s not something I notice when wearing them.  They’re equally soft and comfortable.

If you want to spend even less on pajamas, Target has a similar pair.  The material is thinner, but the top is longer.  They’re both nice pairs in the $30 range.

Plus-size?  The Moonlight pajamas come in plus-size, and so do the Target pajamas.

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