May 11, 2021

7 Hacks To Make Your Packed Lunches More Exciting

7 Hacks To Make Your Packed Lunches More Exciting

Returning back to work, school or university means packed lunches are a thing you need to think about again. But that doesn’t have to mean boring sandwiches, plain salads and bruised fruits – thanks to TikTok and plenty of at-home cooking during lockdown – we’ve figured out a few simple hacks that are sure to make your packed lunches more exciting than ever before. From the best lunchbox to buy to the easiest way to make your own frothy cappuccino (no fancy machine required), consider this your ultimate guide to packed lunch success.

1. Make your own ‘jar’

If you’re no stranger to TikTok, you might be familiar with ‘the jar’. It’s pretty simple: grab a large jar and fill it with all of your favourite things (that can last). Think mini pretzels, nuts, mini oreos, raisins and chocolate chunks until you’ve created your perfectly curated trail mix. Then, just can grab a handful and place it in a container for the ultimate sweet treat on the go for when the afternoon sugar craving hits.

2. Get a bento style lunchbox


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A bento style lunchbox is pretty much just a lunchbox but with loads of different compartments – sounds basic, but it’s pretty life-changing. It means fresh food is just as convenient to pack as packaged, none of your food gets squished or mixed around, it’s great for the environment as the need for foil etc. is diminished – plus, it’s just really fun to pack and eat from. If you’re into meal-prepping this is definitely one for you.

3. Stock up on sachets

Lunch without seasoning is never a lunch that’s much fun. Next time you’re out and about for a meal, don’t disregard the salt and pepper sachets or the mini soy-sauce you never used from that packet sushi. Pack these in your bag and you’ll never have a plain and boring lunch again. If you’re really into your flavours, investing in a mini hot-sauce never hurt nobody either.

4. Create your own frothy coffee (no fancy machine required)

Turns out you can make your own frothy cappuccino without a fancy machine or a trip to that expensive coffee shop down the road. All you’ll need is a small jar (like a jam jar), some milk of your choice and a microwave. Fill the jar halfway with milk, close the lid and then shake as hard as you can until it starts to froth. Microwave for 30 seconds with the lid off and you’ll have some frothy, warm milk to top off your coffee.

5. Freeze your water bottle

Rain or shine, it’s pretty inevitable your lunch will never be as cool and fresh come lunchtime. To create your own ice-pack, fill up a water bottle half way and freeze it overnight. The next morning, fill the rest up and place it in your bag next to your lunch box. Your food will stay cool and you’ll have an extra cold bottle of water come 12pm – it’s a win win.

6. Love leftovers


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You probably put quite a bit more effort into your dinners than your lunches, right? So, it’s always worth saving any leftovers for the next day. If you live alone, cook for two instead and save the second half for your lunch. If you’ve got a microwave at work, you can just heat it up when you’re ready and it will taste just as good as the night before (sometimes actually even better if you ask us…).

7. Always assemble wraps/sandwiches at lunch time

Rather than making up your sandwiches or wraps the night before or the morning of – just take all your ingredients and bread with you separately and assemble it all when it’s lunchtime. That way you’re not left with a soggy sandwich (never fun) or a wrap where everything has fallen out that you have to reassemble anyway. Make sure to always put any dressings or sauces in their own container too.


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