May 11, 2021

Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 28

Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 28


In this Video

0.06 With cool light colouring but like bohemian style clothes are all in the warm light Spicy (autumnal) colours – what am I to do?

3.06 I have a collection of Hermes (silk) scarves and I tend towards a relaxed style – how do I use them?

5.02: I have long arms, how do I make them look less long?

Building your Wardrobe

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How to Wear Your Ideal Colours through the Seasons

Ways to wear your scarves

13 Ways to Wear Scarves

My Style: Scarves for Winter

How to Wear Scarves in Summer

Level of Refinement

Imogen’s Three Rules of Horizontal Lines

In this Video

0.17 – Dressing for the office – to look professional but also to capture my romantic, natural personality and autumn colouring (Exotic)

3.46 – My colours have changed – what should I do?

5.26 – I love my warm greens, browns and oatmeals but I’m going grey – what colours flatter me now?

Outfits to wear to work

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Wardrobe Capsule

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Summer Wardrobe Capsule in Warm Colours

Creating Your Ideal Column of Colour



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