September 27, 2020

The Weekly Edit: Blank Space

The Weekly Edit: Blank Space

August was one of the hardest months of my life.  Every day I woke up vowing to make today better, only to go to bed that night wondering how it all went off the rails.  And chatting with some of you on Instagram, I know I wasn’t alone in thinking that August simultaneously went by too quickly and didn’t disappear fast enough.

But now, it’s September.

All I can do is get through each day, accomplishing as much as I’m able, and offering myself a little grace when I fall short.  Which is the real challenge.  But during these increasingly difficult times, we all need to learn how to be kinder to ourselves.  Our best in 2020 may look very different than years past, but it is enough.

I also just wanted to take a minute to say thank you.  For 12 years, through ups and downs, this blog has been a bright spot in my day.  As I emerge from the Pandora’s Box that was August, I’m thinking of ways to strengthen this community.  So be on the lookout for a series of virtual events starting later this month.

I miss the virtual happy hours that were so prevalent this spring, so I want to create a series of small events where we can get together, drink an Aperol spritz, and have something to look forward to.  If you have anyone you might want to join us as a special guest (Hitha has already signed on, and I’m hoping to pick up a few more), please leave your ideas in the comments.

Getting out of my own head is so important right now.  So I re-read American Royals in preparation for Majesty, the newly released sequel.  It’s the perfect light, escapist reading that I need right now.  If you enjoyed Crazy Rich Asians or the Royal We, this book is right up your alley.

The weather in the Pacific Northwest turned hard towards fall last week.  There is frost on the ground in the morning and a definite chill in the air.  On the one hand, I’m sad that summer is ending.  On the other hand, it makes pandemic fashion so much easier if I can layer cozy pieces for a chic casual look.

The key to pulling off a good work-from-home look is the top layer.  You can put almost whatever you want underneath, and as long as the top layer is rocking, it looks like you made an effort.  Here are some pieces that I’m considering for fall.

BlankNYC makes the best under-$100 faux leather jackets out there.  (It’s why they sell out so quickly.)  But this drape-front, white moto jacket is calling my name.  The neckline is just sublime.  And the garment is hand wash, so you don’t need a dry cleaner.

Need to “hand wash” in your washing machine?  Garments are usually hand wash because they worry about stretching caused by the agitator.  So putting the garment into a large mesh bag, washing on cold, with gentle detergent, in the delicates cycle will usually suffice.

I love a good utility jacket.  My favorite, as you know, is the LL Bean canvas jacket (also in petite and plus).  I like the length, the style, and the wide color selection.  But for a different look, this Reiss Blakely satin utility jacket is a really cool option.  It’s a bit more glamorous and I like the soft taupe color.

This <$30 Amazon cardigan is so good that I bought two, and I may go back for a third.  The cocoon shape is really cozy and chic, and the waffle knit holds its shape beautifully.  If you’re in the market for a cardigan that you can wear until the seams fall out without remorse, this is it.

We’re still not back in our kitchen, so cooking is on hold for a bit longer.  But I wanted to share with you a snack that I’m eating.

Remember when I did that terrible Prolon Cleanse a while back?  One of the valuable takeaways from that experience was eating green olives are as a low-calorie snack.  Because they’re so salty, you’re limited by how many you can eat in a sitting.  Yet, even a small package of olives was so satisfying.

I’m one of those snackers who just needs a pick me up around 3pm.  So a package of Oloves olives has become my go-to.  Just 50 calories and they’re an absolute craving killer.


What’s getting you through the week?  Share your reads, listens, watches, eats, etc. in the comments?  I know I’m looking for more things to brighten my day, and I’m sure your fellow readers are too.

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