May 11, 2021

BACK TO NORMAL?? // Lifestyle, tips

BACK TO NORMAL?? // Lifestyle, tips


Here like many other places , we have had to make some big changes in our lifes. 

I don’t want to be writing about the  pandemic so much , as it is something we all are aware of and know the things

we have to do to keep ourselves safe from catching the virus.

But still we have to get back to some kind of normalcy.  We have to make some changes to how we go about our lives  From work, to travel , to our social life.

Getting AROUND

How to be safe well taking the bus or subways. 

Well that is something I have to wonder. I read it important to have proper air circulating ,FRESH AIR IS IMPORTANT whether at home, or indoors . The transport systems I am sure are making sure it is safe and properly disinfected. 

Open windows to give a space fresh air is recommended , as it helps to disperse things in the air.

Air conditioners with a  HEPA filter is also the best! 

Bottom LINE we have to keep the distance and wear the FACE MASKS and clean our hands!

Many Europeans cities have major fines for not following the GUIDELINES.. which is for everyones safety.

Bicycles have become popular ,  another way for some to get around.  

More INFO here via BBC FUTURE


The summer has been one of the most unusual and now the fall and winter season will soon be here.  The one thing we all probably have been doing is enjoying being outside in the sun. Getting 

our Vitamin D , but with winter and more of us being inside , 

it is still very important for our bodies to have Vitamin D. 

It is recommended to take Vitamin D  for our body , as we probably will be inside a lot more.

Some foods we eat also will contain Vitamin D. 

More information here. via Health BBC

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