May 11, 2021

The Ultimate 2020 Back To Work Starter Pack

The Ultimate 2020 Back To Work Starter Pack

Right about now, things are slowly starting to go back to normal and you might be preparing to head back to work soon. But, after six very long months of working from your sofas wearing pyjamas, the thought of sitting at a desk in actual clothes and talking to real people may seem extremely foreign to you. So, to help you transition back with ease, we’ve put together the ultimate back to work starter pack for 2020. From the outfit to where to eat your lunch and how to commute – this is everything you’ll need…

1. What to wear

Of course – most importantly – what to wear? It’s been a long stretch of strictly dressing gowns and joggers, so thinking about what to wear on that big first day back is pretty daunting. We think you can never go wrong with a shirt dress that will always look smart but still keep you pretty comfy. Then, add some boots and a trench coat to show you mean business and don’t leave without a trusty tote bag and face mask.

2. Where to work

You probably won’t be back in the office Monday-Friday 9-5 so, on the days where you are working remotely, you might want a change of scenery – especially if you’ve returned to your flat in the city full of your friends and plenty of distractions. This marks the perfect opportunity to visit a local coffee shop you might not have been to before. If you’re London based, our latest discovery is Kaffiene, with two W1 locations and the perfect opening hours of 7:30 to 5pm.

3. What to have for lunch

Throughout the working-from-home period you’ve probably got pretty accustomed to homemade lunches. But, now that you’re heading out again, it’s the perfect time to check out some local businesses near your office for a midday meal. For one of the best sandwich spots in London, check out Tongue and Brisket’s spots on Wardour Street and Leather Lane. Or, take a walk around yourself and see if you come across any hidden gems…

4. How to travel

Although we can use public transport, avoiding it as much as you can is definitely your best bet. If you don’t drive, why not cycle into work? Or, if your office is pretty far from where your live, you could always use public transport for some of the journey and then walk the remainder. That way you’re spending less time in close proximity to others and you’re also getting in a bit of exercise – it’s a win win.

5. What stationary to buy

Just like when going back to school, the best part of heading back to work has to be getting some new stationary. Treat yourself to a new diary (go for an academic one), some pens and a cute case to make you excited about the return to desk life. You can also get some decor like a plant and new photo frame to really make it feel like a home from home.


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