May 11, 2021

VENICE FILM & FASHIONS // fashion , inVenice

VENICE FILM & FASHIONS // fashion , inVenice


The Venice Film Festival is underway, but some how this year it doesn’t seem to be much in the spotlight. I am a big film fan,  and whats not to love to see things in Venice. One of Europe’s most

spectacular city. Known for its fabulous architect, the canals and gondolas, the Carnival and of course the film festival.

There are some very interesting things to see , plus the fashions are always worth taking a look at.

One of the more striking things was Tilda Swinton face mask,  something you might see at the Carnival in Venice.

Are you a film fan, like to see the red carpet looks?

All the glamour and glitz.


Tilda Swinton one word ….WOW. The artistry of this is simply fantasy. 

HIGH LOW is back?? 

Cate Blancett  reWearing a gown. 

Elegance and poise.

Bella , Bella

more beautiful things to see.

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